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Suzuki Alto price in Pakistan and specifications.
The auto is popular because of its compact size, energy effectiveness, and affordability.
The Alto features an exquisitely designed steering wheel cover that enhances the overall look of the interior.
The Suzuki Alto is popular for its maneuverability and simplicity of parking in congested metropolitan locales due to its small size. It’s also noted for its excellent energy frugalitymaking it a costeffective option for diurnal commuting. While Alto’s emphasis is on mileage and frugality, recent models have begun to include further safety measures and ultramodern technologies.

The Alto has long been respected for its low price, which allows it to be affordable to a wide variety of machine purchasers. Its minimum conservation costs and affordable price point have made it an charming option for first– time machine possessorsscholars, and budgetconscious folks.

Suzuki Alto VX, Suzuki Alto VXR, Suzuki Alto VXR AGS, and Suzuki Alto VXL AGS are the four variations of the Alto. Prices for these variations as of May 2, 2023 are as follows

Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan
The ex-factory price of Suzuki Alto VX is Rs.2251000/-

The ex-factory price of Suzuki Alto VXR is Rs.2612000/-

The ex-factory price of Suzuki Alto VXR AGS is Rs.2799000/-

The ex-factory price of Suzuki Alto VXL AGS is Rs.2935000/-

The hatchback’s entire specifications are as follows

The hatchback comes in five colors Graphite Grey, Cerulean Blue, Pearl Black, Silky Silver, and Solid White.

Exterior of Suzuki Alto

The Suzuki Alto has a cubical shape with aerodynamic angles and lines that give it a distinct appearance. The auto’s surface is visually charming and has a ultramodern appearance.

The Alto’s front tulle has broad, perpendicular lines that add to the auto’s aesthetic appeal. The auto’s hinder sports a satiny spoiler, giving it a attractive visual and ultramodern appearance.

likewise, the Alto VXL has retractable glasses, which add to the auto’s convenience and functionality. The Suzuki Alto’s bodywork is designed to be functionalultramodern, and elegantmaking it a popular choice for megacity driving.

Interior of Suzuki Alto

The VX and VXR kinds of the Suzuki Alto have a single– tone innards color, whilst the VXL variation has a binary– tone innards. The auto has crucial entry, a security system, and an immobilizer for added security. The VXR and VXL models include standard air exertion, although the base form does not.

Other standard outfit includes a heating systemfrontal defroster, side demister, antenna, and power steering in all modelshelp gripsinterior lights, and two frontal and two hinder drink holders are also standard. Power windows are only available in the VXL model.

The VX model has a 1 Din audio system with no speakers, whereas the VXR model has a 2 Din audio system with two frontal speakers. The VXL model has an MP5 touchscreen and two frontal speakers.

Binary airbags and a frontal seat– belt force limiter are standard on the VXR and VXL models. A high– deposited stop beaconfrontal slice thickets, childproof hinder door cinches, and central door cinches are standard on all models. A low– energy warning beacon, an supplementary socket, a door– ajar warning light, and a dial– type climate control are each visible on the instrument panel.

The Alto features an exquisitely designed steering wheel cover that enhances the overall look of the interior.

Safety features of Suzuki Alto

Alto has binary airbags, an anti-lock retardation system( ABS), frontal seat belt force limiters, a high– mounted stop beacon, a frontal slice boscage , an immobilizer, childproof hinder door cinches, and hill hold control.

Machine of Suzuki Alto

All Suzuki Alto models are 2WD( two- wheel drive) and use a0.6- litre, 658cc petrol machine. The Suzuki Alto VX and VXR have a 5- speed homemade gearbox, still, the VXL has an AGS( Auto Gear Shift) gearbox.

The Suzuki Alto is estimated to get 16 to 20 km/l.

The auto’s energy tank has a capacity of 27 liters.