How to Get Scholarships in Canadian Universities? for Pakistani Students

Many Pakistani students have good profiles and can do impactful research in their field but don’t have enough awareness of Canadian Ph.D. scholarship opportunities.

Actually getting a Ph.D. scholarship in Canada is very easy without the GRE even without IELTS I secured admission to two universities and 3 other universities with IELTS in Canada. ( but IELTS is required for Canadian visa application for SDS, nonSDS not required).

There are some renowned Ph.D. scholarships in Canada like vernier Canada, IRDC, Trudeau scholarship, etc which are hard to get as they require the GRE mostly and higher academic achievements and many other factors. So the easiest way to get a Ph.D. scholarship in Canada is to find a research professor.


Professors usually give scholarships of 20k-25k CAD/yr. 1500-2100 CAD/month.

Tuition Fees

Most universities waive full tuition fees for Ph.D. students or take the same fees as local students 5k-7k/year.

How to find Professors?

Find a list of universities you want to apply to find the faculty section and see professors of the research area. and read some papers to get an idea of their research. and write a nice email according to their research profile and attach transcripts+research proposal+CV+IELTS(optional).

what do professors require from applicants?

  1. Research-based resume 3.5 cgpa/4 preferably. (3.00+ will work too.)
  2. 2. At least 2 publications (1 as first author must+ 1 as co-author) field must be related to the professor’s research interest.

What’s in an interview?

All related to your research and technical questions. sometimes ask you to write a summary of any research article or ask you to read and then he will question it.

What’s next?

if accepted he will give you information regarding funding between 20-25k CAD if he has funds. if ok for you he will ask you to apply for admission. after admission is granted, the university will give you A full tuition fee waiver letter or a half tuition fee letter. the professor will give you the funding letter. good to apply for the visa.