FIA Solved Past Papers Last 10 Years

FIA Pastpapers Solved


The Pakistan Special Police Establishment( PSPE) department from disquisition of the offences of bribery, and corruption against central government workers, was given powers to probe cases relating to the offences. In report of “ Police Reform ”, submitted to press on07-04-1972, recommended establishment of Federal Police Organization to deal with smuggling, anesthetics, currency offences, enforcement of laws relating to nonnatives, immigration and passports offences havinginter-provincial ramification. Accordingly FIA Act, 1974.( Act VIII- 4 of 1975) was announced on13-01-1975, bringing Federal Investigation Agency( FIA) into actuality.


The Federal Investigation Agency( Urdu وفاقی تحقیقاتی ادارہ; reporting name FIA) is a border control, felonious disquisition, counter-intelligence and security agency under the control of the Interior Secretary of Pakistan, assigned with investigative governance on undertaking operations against terrorism, spying, civil crimes, smuggling as well as violation and other specific crimes.


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